Friday, December 13, 2013

it's....already 2013... December! omg...

Wow... Time flies.

Reading my old posts makes me laugh.
Many turns out to be so ironic now.

So many things have changed.
Worked in various company and as various positions for the past 4 years.
People who were close to me aren't around me anymore.
Places I used to hang out for drinks are not there anymore.
Movies and music types I used to like don't interest me as much anymore.
And problems that had always chap my ass don't seem to matter anymore.

But hey,

I still love reading the old story books that increases my heart beat.
I still love going places to meet new people, and learn new things.
I still love to challenge myself and develope new skills in both my career and household.
I still love to watch news, science and technology related television channels.
And at best... I still love drawing.

People change over time.  As that's the normal way of life. 
It seems to me now that no matter if the changes is good or bad, it's never too late to do the things you love in life. 


yes, I'm still crazy inside.  
Gonna end this post right now cause it's freaking 1:15am now and I have to attend a 7:45am meeting later. 

peace out!  
*fist to chest and two finger up action*  Lol.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Once upon a time...

Once upon a time, there's a pair of swings...with one swing broken

Then there's a girl

and a boy

huhuhu... go imagine yourself what happen next. = p

Monday, April 27, 2009

DONUT DAY!!!!!!!!!!!


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Good Friday

As the performance started in the church on Good Friday night, I sat quietly and watched the play.

As the performance actors took every single act seriously, I was amazed with their seriousness.

As the cries of people were acted out on stage, I sat and restrain myself from leaving the seat.

As the act of Jesus suffered from pain was acted on stage, I felt nothing but sorry for HIM.

As the person goes up the stage and sing, I took out my glasses and looked at nothing but emptiness.

As the person behind me started to cry out, I felt nothing but wanting to rush to the toilet and puke.

As everyone around started to cry together after the performance while praying, I felt more sad and sorry for Jesus who died for us.

As everyone stood up and looked at the cross with sympathy, I stood up and close my eyes with sorrow.

As everyone left their seat and talked about how wonderful the world is because of Jesus who died for them, I left my seat with a heavy heart because of Jesus who sacrificed His life for people like us.

As I walked pass the bars and discos along the streets, I wondered what these people are so happy about because all I saw and heard was unhappiness and complains about their life.

As my friend dropped me outside my house, I wish I was dropped outside my home.

As I sat down and had my personal time with Him, all I can think of was nothing but disappointments.

I wanted to stop the personal time with Him as soon as possible, for the burden in my heart was getting too heavy to bear in the dark room.

After trying so hard, I then laid back on my chair as a give up sign for not able to think of a word to say to Him.

Then I remembered what my Aunt said
“It does not matter what you say when you pray, just go to Him like a child and He will know”

So I stood up in my dark room, faced the window and closed my eyes, and said with a sorrow smile on my face:

“Sorry... but thankyou. Amen”

Friday, April 03, 2009

Still in a mess...

Life now is still in a mess... and i think its gonna get worse....

Got stung by bee...

Stoned for hours

Got mad-cow disease...

Going broke for being addicted to hot chocolates...

Ate 12 pieces of nuggets for dinner...

haih.... -_-"

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Gone wild...

Some of you may know that i had joined the otaku-anime club in uni last sem... and I have their Hanna left overs stuff... so i decided to use it all up before it dries and become wasted. -_-

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New sem...

New sem = busy busy busy
And yea... took crop science. Seniors say u have to plant vegetables for a month. Then harvest them, pluck them and oven them . -_-"

First thought its gonna be easy to plant these veges... but.... let me show ya

They were easy to grow, and they grew real fast!! (starting of 2nd week)

They were the strongest, and tallest and "greeness" among other groups. My group members and I were so dam proud about ourselves. >= D

then one monday afternoon....

We all went crazy and wonder what happened... then we found out that it has not been watered or the past 24 hours... or less.... haih....

Anyway, we watered it again and cehck it everyday since then. So now its back to its greenary. -_-"